Detention centre change alters detainees behaviour


The Government is considering a drastic relaxation of the powers of the detention centre at Nauru to force more young people back to commun카지노 사이트ity detention, a former director of public prosecutions says.

Key points Nauru detention centre:

Cuts staff from 10 to 6

Trial could last between 6 and 10 months

No longer offers “unpaid sick leave”

Former Nauru director of public prosecutions: “I do not think there is any way that it will not be bad for society, for young people”.

T바카라he changes, which will see the number of detention centres reduced from 10 to 6, are part of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s national security strategy.

Former director of public prosecutions Mark Dreyfus told the ABC he believed the detention centre had failed young men.

“This was supposed to be a place where young people could go at least, maybe go to college, have a chance of employment and get the help they need and the opportunities that they need,” he said.

“These changes will only make that harder.”

Mr Dreyfus said the changes were an obvious effort to “mash up” public opinion on how to reform the detention system.

“I hope people won’t actually be upset, because I think the point [with the changes] is really that they’re just going to bring the pressure of public opinion on the government to either take the steps needed or not,” he said.

‘Torture can’t be permitted’

But Immigration Minister Scott Morrison said the changes would create “significant changes to detention” and that Mr Dreyfus’s comments were wrong.

“[It’s not] an exercise in “torture can’t be permitted”… our focus is on the safety and wellbeing of the young men and women, but at the same time we are looking for ways to ensure they have the best opportunities for employment and education,” he said.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (D우리카지노IBP) says the change will save the Government tens of millions of dollars a year.

Mr Morrison says the new structure will save about $250 million per year.

“It’s also significantly more efficient because it means that the DIBP will work on the most recent population figures, which they have been trying to keep secret for about six months because it may be inappropriate,” he said.

Mr Morrison says the changes will only save the Government

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