Fiji sugar workers vote to strike over pay

KAPA: The union in the sugar trade in Fiji said today that it voted to join the International Federation of Sugar Workers International on April 10 against the ratification of the National Union Convention (NU) by all unions in the우리카지노 sugar industry and the government.

The union’s secretary general, Mr Jonathan Poulter, said it would act as a “third force” that could “break the union” and force the government to consider its position카지노 사이트.

Mr Poulter said members of the union were working together with other unions to help with campaigns and issues affecting them and their families in the area of food, clothing and employment.

They were also campaigning against changes to the union constitution and for higher pay for employees.

“Many of these workers are in dire financial straits,” Mr Poulter said.

“Fiji is facing challenges we have experienced all over the world in other countries, and is trying to make the best out of these difficulties.”

The NU has been in effect since 1998 and seeks to resolve union disputes through negotiations.

Sugar workers, particularly in Kiribati, have long complained about their treatment in the union while at sea.

Mr Poulter said there were already issues between workers in other countries and with the government because of this dispute.

In 2004, Kiribati was awarded the “World Economic Forum’s” Most Good News Award by the World Bank for being “most tolerant towards and socially integrated among countries with respect to 바카라사이트gender equality.”

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